Storybook Mountain Vineyards

Enjoy a tour of the 130-year-old caves and walk through organically-farmed vineyards before sampling their storied Zinfandel. The hand-crafted wines are aged at least 12 months in oak barrels and are famed for intensity and elegance.

Olabisi Wines

Since 2002, Olabisi Wines has offered limited production, hand-crafted wines from one-of-a-kind vineyard sources. With its small production, Olabisi is able to capture the individual expressions of the truly incredible vineyards from which they're sourced.

Kenefick Ranch Vineyards

With vineyards on 125 acres of the 250-acre property, Kenefick Ranch has one of the largest contiguous farming operations in Calistoga. Focusing on Bordeaux varietals, the Kenefick family will be celebrating 40 years in Calistoga with the construction of a new tasting room in 2020.

Jericho Canyon Vineyard

The wine from Jericho Canyon Vineyard is made in the Bordeaux style with supple tannins – allowing immediate enjoyment or the tannins give the wine sufficient structure to cellar. All their wines are hand-crafted in small lots, producing full-bodied, complex wine.

Jax Vineyards

Setting the agenda for modern Napa Valley, Jax Vineyards is an award-winning, family-run boutique winery in Calistoga with a popular tasting room set in San Francisco’s SOMA District. David Jackson and his son made the first vintage of Estate Cabernet Sauvignon in 1996 before turning the reigns over to David’s...

Hindsight Vineyards

As a small boutique wine producer, Hindsight offers sustainably-produced, extraordinary wines at a fraction of the cost. They believe all wine lovers should have the opportunity to experience Napa Valley’s finest without breaking the bank.

Girard Winery

From Girard Winery’s long-standing relationships with growers to its meticulous winemaking practices, honoring the true character of each wine is the no. 1 goal. They strive to craft consistent wines – to be proud of vintage to vintage, bottle to bottle.

Fairwinds Estate Winery

Established in 1969, the historic winery offers limited production of elegant wines, which can be enjoyed in an idyllic wine country setting with beautiful picnic grounds, olive groves, and a stunning 22,000 sq. ft. wine cave.

Eisele Vineyard

In vineyards initially planted in the 1880’s, Eisele Vineyard has been principally dedicated to Cabernet Sauvignon for the past 50 years. Organically farmed since 1998 and biodynamically since 2000, the estate-grown fruit is crafted to produce wines that are both classic and contemporary.

Canard Vineyard

Canard Vineyard has been quietly producing small production, hand-crafted wines for more than 35 years. For those craving a historic Wine Country experience, Canard’s wines are unique, rewarding and age-worthy providing one of the best expressions of the Calistoga AVA.